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Sail in utmost convenience
with a Bali 4.6 charter in Greece

Create the ideal sailing experience with innovative features that foster comfort, safety and performance

Description of the Bali 4.6

Embark on a new adventure with a Bali 4.6 charter in Greece which blends lavish comfort and exceptional sailing performance. The catamaran offers plenty of space aboard with roomy interiors and innovative features.

It boasts a built-in sunbathing area, a hydraulic platform that transforms into a diving board or dinghy dock, and a sliding door and window system that seamlessly integrates the salon and cockpit. The Bali 4.6 performs excellently under sail and is easy to navigate, even for sailors with little experience.

Highlights of a Bali 4.6 charter in Greece


Amenities of Bali 4.6

With this catamaran charter in Greece, you can live every sailor’s dream. Why choose between comfort, safety, and space when you can have all three? The Bali 4.6 promises a fun-filled, luxurious journey through high-end finishes and innovative amenities, which include:

Among the notable features are:

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