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Sailing Guide Greece
Important things to know before booking

Find out how to best explore the beauty of crystal-clear waters and stunning islands with our sailing guide to Greece.
Make the most of your trip by learning beforehand about the sailing season, costs, and requirements.
Get fully prepared for the dream destination of every sailor!

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Sailing Season in Greece

The best time to sail in Greece depends solely on your preferences. With an extended sailing season from late March to November, you can choose between living the ultimate experience of the Greek summer and a tranquil trip away from the crowds during spring and fall.

Types of yacht charter in Greece

Bareboat Charter

A perfect option for experienced sailors with a certificate. Explore at your own pace and enjoy the unique flexibility and privacy.

Skippered Charter

Ideal for sailing for beginners or families, as your skipper ensures everyone’s safety and entertainment. Unwind and relax as they take care of every detail.

Ukiyo yacht charters

Costs of sailing in Greece

Besides the yacht charter cost, you should consider the additional expenses of your sailing holidays in Greece. Consult a charter expert to inform you about the marina and port fees as well as the fuel costs, as they fluctuate based on the yacht size, location and season.

Ukiyo yacht charters

Sailing licenses in Greece

A bareboat yacht charter in Greece requires a valid sailing license or certificate, such as the International Certificate of Competence (ICC), along with a sailing resume outlining previous experience. As licensing requirements specifics can vary based on yacht type and sailing region, it’s best to verify with your yacht charter company before booking.

Ukiyo yacht charters

The best places to visit during your sailing holidays

Discover the endless possibilities of a yacht charter in the Cyclades and marvel at world-famous sceneries with bright shades of white and blue. Alternatively, island-hop at the Saronic Gulf with a yacht charter in Athens, combining serene beaches, sightseeing and scenic villages. Grab our Greece sailing guide and set sail for an unforgettable adventure!